YouTube success for a retired craftsman proves that you can advertise your products with zero budget

Youtube marketing does work

Is it really possible to increase your marketing visibility and potential sales using YouTube – and without spending any money?  Just over a year ago my Dad, an 84 year old retired craftsman, came to me having designed and crafted a candy cart for a wedding hire company to use  to display sweets and gifts.  Having successfully made and sold one cart with the useful design niche that it folds away into a very neat package for storage, he advertised on Ebay and Gumtree with some success to gain orders for a few more.  But he wasn’t happy.

“Where else can I advertise online to try and attract more orders while not paying for the advertising”, he asked me.  This is a hobby for Dad, with each cart being carefully and individually hand-crafted, meaning that he largely does it for love and to keep himself busy.  If he wanted to make any reasonable profit he would need to increase the price substantially.

The Marketing Power of YouTube

As many of you will know, I have been harping on about the power of YouTube as a powerful advertising and promotional medium for almost as long as I have been in business at New Edge.  Those opportunities increased when Google bought YouTube and videos now have an impact in search engine optimisation.  I based my advise to clients and readers of my blog posts through anecdotes and other blog posts that I had seen, but I rarely had the opportunity to prove the concept for myself because clients look after their own YouTube channels.  My own best experiences have come through companies who make good use of social media like Electrolux. This video that we produced for them has had over 46,000 views:

I can’t really claim my other big YouTube success as it hangs on to the coat-tails of celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver who we filmed preparing Goose for Christmas at Taste London:

Can YouTube video marketing work for an unknown amateur carpenter from Nottingham?

I told my Dad that ‘How To …’ videos are very popular on YouTube and tend to help promotion and sales. I suggested that I produce a funky, watchable video that simply demonstrates how easy the cart is to assemble and dis-assemble for him.  In fact I asked my daughter, Jemima, who had already achieved YouTube success with a video with nearly 10,000 views, and is very knowledgeable about current styles on YouTube.

And so one Sunday morning, Jemima did just that at our house  –  with absolutely zero budget:

So can YouTube marketing work if you have little experience or budget – the short answer is absolutely yes!!

Here is how we did it…

Once the video had been shot, edited and approved by ‘Grandpa’ I followed my own advice:

  • Set up a YouTube channel for my Dad
  • Upload the video
  • Research titles, descriptions and tags of other videos on same subject
  • Give our video a title that is similar to successful videos aimed at his target audience
  • Add a full description with as much relevant information as possible and include all the key words that people search for when wanting to look at Candy Carts, whether for weddings, parties or events
  • Include tags to match those of other successful videos
  • Add contact details or a link to a website making it easy for potential customers to get in touch.

With a few introductory emails, tweets and Facebook posts and links to get a few initial views, we left it to Google and YouTube to do their magic….

One year on…

  • The video has over 16,000 views and has overtaken all the other ‘candy cart’ videos that were previously online
  • It is number one when searching on Google videos for Candy Cart
  • My Dad has had enquiries from all over the world
  • He has more orders than he can keep up with (much to my Mum’s annoyance!!)

It is difficult to argue with this evidence

YouTube can, without a doubt, be a powerful marketing tool for you and your products if you follow my guidance – just like my Dad did 🙂

If you’d like some help with either producing your video or using YouTube please give me a call on 01949 861848 or contact me here – whatever your budget.


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