Why more decision-making executives are waking up to business video?

Quite simply, more decision-making executives (c-suite) are waking up to business video because we (business video producers) are making life easier for executives by distilling key messages and information into a carefully crafted few minutes.

Instead of having to wade through lengthy documents or numerous pages of a website they can watch a short video that gives them the executive summary – the highlights and key points.

So, if your target audience is business owners and director level executives it is crucially important to employ a video company who understand how to communicate your messages effectively.

As a producer it’s my role to take the time to understand your business and the issues you face that you can address using a video.  It is then up to me to identify the key messages and create a narrative that represents the spirit or essence of your company and attracts your clients to you.

After all, your time is best spent using your expertise to run the business – to do what I do best I need to gain your trust and be given the space and resources to to make a short informative and engaging film.

More often than not I receive a phone call or email asking me to quote for producing a video to promote a companies products – a sales video.  After we have discussed the viewing behaviour & preferences as above we are commissioned to make a film with a more gently promotional message – no hard selling.

The video will often be the first thing potential clients see so the information has to be about who you are and why you do what you do.  If they like what they see they are more likely to spend time reading more detailed information on your website.

So think of a promotional video as an executive summary – with the benefit of case study testimonials – something like this…