why energy healing, why me, why now?

why energy healing, why me, why now?
… the short answer to all three questions is “I don’t know”.?? Things happen, opportunities arise and we have to make a decision.?? I have learnt over the years that the best thing for me is to act on my instict and go with the flow?? – even when the logical path is to do something different. I spent many years earlier in my life ignoring my instinct and letting my head make decisions – only for things to be wrong and to find myself being presented with the same choice again – deciding to marry in my 20s was quite a steep learning curve!!

So what is ‘instinct’? Some describe it as subconscious decisions being pushed forward by the brain to become conscious, the Human Design system says that we fall into a category at birth that tells us whether we should follow our emotions, our instict, our thought process or our true gut feeling, and the spiritual community tells us we all have spiritual guides who strive to help us through our lives – if we choose to listen.
I believe that I have spiritual guides who help me in different aspects of my life.?? I also have studied Human Design and believe that the strategy it suggests for my ‘type’ (projector) fits me perfectly.?? And I believe that when I wake up in the middle of the night suddenly knowing the answer to something that has been troubling me, it could well be that my subconscious has been beavering away on the issue and has decided that it’s time for my counscious mind to get involved.

My conclusions from subscribing to some extent to all 3 definitions is that it doesn’t matter what words we choose to describe the process – what matters is that we accept that ‘there’s more to life than this’, an energetic something that we all have access to, and if we choose to make use of it we can make our lives easier, happier, more fulfilling.?? For what it’s worth I think it’s all the same thing – a universal energy, and we all choose words and descriptions that conform to our culture and help us to accept it.
So I don’t know ‘why energy healing, me and why now’.

What I do know is that by going through a process of relaxation and channelling healing energy with people I can somehow make a profound impact on their lives…. and that is an absolutely amazing feeling, even though I can’t describe with 100% honesty what is actually happening!!??

I also know that I have been ignoring it for a number of years, cruising along on autopilot and waiting for people to come to me, and that isn’t going to happen if nobody knows I’m here.?? Hence the new website, blog and twitter channel. It feels such a waste that I can do this (whatever it is) and I’m not sharing it – so now I am, and I’ll use this blog to share my experiences.

PS> I’d like to get the word out so would really appreciate it if you rate, comment or tweet this blog – thanks

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