Video Case Studies – your customers speak for you


When other people say how good you are it’s much more powerful than you telling prospective clients the same thing!

Third party validation is worth its weight in gold and on film it can be not only just a video testimonial, but evidence of the work that was done.  This gives people a real case study and they can see the outcomes for themselves.

Video case studies let your delighted customers do the selling for you and give you serious credibility with evidence. It’s far beyond a list of ‘Our Clients’ or even a page of impressive logos.  It’s real people raving about your product or service, connecting you much more powerfully with established brands and businesses.

Helping your target audience to understand what you can do is so much easier with a video case study than hoping they’ll read yards of content on your website or in a pdf document.

New Edge has been producing corporate and customer case study videos for me for over 7 years. I have founded the quality, service, value for money and understanding of our production needs to be second to none and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Carolyn Wojtas Phoenix IT

Here is one of our clients telling his story:



Put your clients on film – it’s easy with an expert.  Just call us on 01949 861848 or email to tell us about your ideas.Take a look at a variety of video case studies here: