Public and Third Sector – engaging at all levels


The Public and Third Sectors have additional challenges to those of big business with service users and stakeholders to add into the communication mix.

Video is a powerful way to help your messages reach your audience in a way that they can relate to.

Working with New Edge will ensure your video productions create messages:

  • Based on a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve
  • Tailored to your audiences’ needs and expectations
  • That take complex concepts and present them simply and succinctly
  • To engage and connect with the recipients so that they buy into your ideas and plans

Whether you want to reach:

  • A large number of staff in one or more locations
  • The local community
  • Teams of support people or volunteers
  • Decision makers in your controlling council or board of trustees

 –  a video makes people sit up and take notice.

I found it very easy to deal with New Edge. Everything was taken care of and I was pleased also at the quick response to any queries. The quality of the finished product was very high and I was very satisfied.

Linda Hardy – Notts County Council


Video presentations can include promotional films, case studies, public information videos, event highlights and much more to help persuade your audience. And they won’t use as much of your budget as you might imagine. Compared to large quantities of print and the administration required to distribute it, video is very cost-effective.

The Head of Housing with Care and Support in Nottinghamshire explains why they use so much video to communicate with service users, stakeholders and staff.

People often respond better to video than written material and higher levels of engagement result.  Can you afford not to explore the options?  Let’s talk about how it might work for your organisation – just give us a ring on 01949 861848 or email to request a no-obligation preliminary discussion.

Here are a few examples of how video can be effective within the public and third sectors