Promotional Video – create a compelling message


How difficult is it to explain to people exactly what it is you deliver? 

How much of the written material you provide do people actually read? 

How do you get the attention of your target audience quickly and then keep it? 

These are all challenges that business owners face.  Even when your product or service is obvious it can be a challenge to stand out from the competition.

A promotional video production offers you a real opportunity.  Not only does video on your website win you points in the ranking ‘war’, but people often find watching easier than reading.  The tone of voice and real-life examples of your products and services say far more than reading any amount of written material could.

You’ll get a promotional video that is carefully crafted to:

  • Connect quickly with potential clients
  • Reveal your company’s culture, values and beliefs
  • Make your message clear and compelling

“The end result was far greater than we could have perceived, the whole character of the company is present in the video”
Alan Morris – Retail Assist

This story tells how one of our clients turned from being a cynic into a raving fan of promotional video



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