Corporate Communication – making the complex clear


When you’ve got a lot to say there’s a danger that your audience will ‘tune out’ long before you get to the end. This is especially true when the message is long and complex.

When your audience is located in many different places getting the same message to everyone can be challenging – there’s always the danger of the ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect. When your audience is international there’s also the challenge of translation mutating the message.

Video makes corporate communications clear, consistent and current.

An internal corporate video gives your key people a human face and each employee feels they know the senior members of the team better when they see them live on film. It’s like seeing people on TV – a much more emotional experience than just reading about them. With subtitles for international audiences the message doesn’t get lost in translation.

For your potential new clients a video tells them the real story.  The tone of voice and real-life examples of your products and services say far more than reading any amount of written material could.  A promotional video will reveal your company’s culture, values and beliefs in a clear and compelling style.

With our background in TV news and journalism you can be sure that we know how to take a long complex message, understand the audience, and create a short, clean communication. Whether that’s a message to staff, a presentation to the Board, or a communication to customers you’ll find video is a surprisingly cost-effective medium.

“Fantastic job! This is high quality, good pace, clear story line and well delivered”

Fernando Hernandez.
Unilever Industrial Performance Lead – SCS

Here is a UK CEO talking about how effective video communications are for his organisation:



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