Three reasons why people will share your videos

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‘Going viral’ is a buzz phrase that anyone who produces or broadcasts video wants to hear. The truth is that it is impossible to create a viral video; our best hope as producers is to create a video that engages viewers at a sufficient level for them to click and share. But what are the key drivers that motivate people to do that?

A recent article by Dan Greenberg, CEO of Sharethrough highlights three psychological drivers that are essential if you want your online video to be shared:

If your videos capture an emotion that resonates with its audience, users will share it, because they are not just sharing your content — they are sharing the feeling your video has created.

Identity and Self Expression
When a user shares a video it’s important to think about what are they saying aboutthemselves. Your message needs to be clear and it needs to be something people will want to align themselves with, whether it’s a reflection of their humor, values, fashion sense or popularity.

People are hard-wired to teach and learn. Make a video that includes genuinely new and interesting information presented in an engaging style, and it will be much more likely to be shared.

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