The Language of Video, it’s a whole lot more than words and pictures

If a picture paints a 1000 words, just how many words are contained in a video that actually has 25 frames (different pictures) in every second of film – 30 in the USA
Video has a language of its own that is made up of 3 elements:

  • The words you hear
  • Your interpretation of the pictures you see
  • The unspoken moods or emotions you feel through non-verbal communication – the wink of an eye, a smile, negative body language, a false smile that is only seen in the mouth but not in the eyes.

Today I was sent a video to comment on. I’m assuming that the idea of the video is to promote a company who designs and creates domestic interiors – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc. What I see on viewing the film is one minute of nicely shot images filmed in a showroom and set to music.

It’s not that it’s bad – there are some smiling faces of staff and customers and a range of images that suggests the calibre of client they are targeting – all set to some happy music.

My point is that this could be so much more. It’s 2 dimensional because the first element – words – is missing entirely. There is no narrative, no story to hook me in and carry me along. I don’t feel that I know who the company are or whether they really do a good job – anyone can hire actresses or models to smile in front of some nice shiny products.
With little additional effort a short clip from a senior representative of the company or a respected figure talking about the products might give the viewer an insight into the ‘why’ behind the company – it’s culture and ethos.

Two or three short clips from customers would tell me how much they like doing business with that company and why they chose to buy from them.

I always try to include client testimonials in a promotional film. The viewer can see that they are genuine interviews and are likely to trust the content – a great soft sell for your business.
Here’s a short film we produced for AEG at Taste of Christmas that follows these principals – resulting in an easy to watch film that doesn’t feel like a sales message

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