Michelin Star Chefs tell Richard Flewitt the story behind the chef

BMF Dinner with Michelin star chefsThe opportunity to spend a day with a group of chefs who have 6 Michelin stars between them is pretty rare. To be able to watch them work, interview them to discover the story behind  the chef then eat their amazing food like this dish from Michael Wignall is something special.

Last Monday I was invited to do just that by the Bobby Moore Fund – committed to beating bowel cancer in memory of the legendary footballer Bobby Moore.  Each year the charity host a dinner,  ‘Dining With The Stars’,  to raise awareness and funds at the impressive Plaisterer’s Hall in the heart of the city of London.  The ‘stars’ are in fact Michelin Stars.  Five chefs prepare one dish each for 250 guests and, in order the see the stars in action there are large screens placed around the dining hall. My role is to present from the kitchen, chatting to the chefs and giving the diners an insight into what goes on in a Michelin kitchen.

BMF Dinner with Michelin star chefs
In the light of my new role, working with leaders and companies to help them capture the essence of their brand or company to share with customers and colleagues – telling the unique story of why they do what they do,   it seemed an opportunity not to miss to interview all the chefs and capture their stories.

‘The Story Behind’ series was born and you can now watch interviews with Michelin Star chef Michael Wignall below and see Tom Kitchin,, Simon Hulstone, Tom Sellers and Richard Bainbridge on my YouTube channel here

If you would like me to help you to capture the essence of your brand or your company to share with customers and colleagues please get in touch

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