Is this the most effective way to promote the strengths of your company?

Much of my time at the moment is spent not with my clients, but with my client’s clients! Business leaders and marketeers are realising that one of the most powerful ways to promote your brand and products is to ask your clients to do it for you.  The real benefit of producing content like this is that you get the real story of how your customers see you, and their view on the benefits of working with you. Your clients see your company from the outside so videos like this capture their perception of the strengths of your brand.

I have been producing such videos for a few years now and have discovered that the main block that leaders and marketeers have is actually asking the question for fear of bothering them or receiving a negative response.  The reality is that if your clients are genuinely happy with your company it is often in their interest to say yes, because they are reinforcing to their customers that they take business seriously and look for the best suppliers.

In all the years I have been producing case study videos there have only been two occasions where a client has said no; one was for a genuine privacy issue where they felt that using my client gave them a competitive advantage that they wanted to keep to themselves.  The other was the NHS and I’m afraid I have suffered from this too having a number of public sector clients, They simply are not allowed to give testimonies.

If you are concerned about the time it takes to ask clients and make all the arrangements, we will do that for you.  All we need you to do is get verbal agreement that they are prepared to do it, then we take over and make all the necessary arrangements

Promote your company with a video case study

This video is a perfect example of how your  best clients can help you to promote your business with a case study that tells the story of why, what and how Argos (the Home Retail Group) continue to work closely with Blue Chip  to enhance the service they give to their customers.

It’s a win, win for both parties – Argos customers see how they much importance they place on keeping their IT systems secure and operational to give customers the best possible service, and Blue Chip demonstrate to their prospective customers see how a brand like the Home Retail Group put their faith in Blue Chip – and are happy to talk about it publicly.


Once you have a few case studies it is a simple shift to create a video that encapsulates your brand  

The beauty of building up  a collection of video case studies from your clients is that, with little additional production, you have most of the content required to make a compulsive promotional video.  The result is a genuine representation of why your present clients engage with you and why they remain loyal to you.  You need none of the normal marketing jargon that clients are so wary of these days.  A promotional video created this way simply tells it as it is so that the decision-making is made much simpler for your prospective clients.

A promotional video of this type serves as a brilliant introduction to your company, explaining the culture and ethos as well as an overview of services.   They are great to place on your home page to introduce the company and encourage prospects to engage further as well as sitting on your YouTube channel, optimised with the same key words and phrases as you website so that the video is found in searches.

A number of clients have found that the video tells their story so well that sales staff have the it on laptops and show it to all new prospects as a gentle introduction to the company, rather than going straight in with product or service sales.

Blue Chip are continuing to build a gallery of case studies representing their range of clients.  Here is the promotional video we created from the first batch.


If you would like me to help you capture the key characteristics that encourage your customers to buy from you, and keep buying, then please  get in touch
I look forward to hearing from you and reading your comments.

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