Energy, constellations and organisational transformation

A couple of weeks ago I had an email out of the blue inviting me to be a ‘representative’ on a one day workshop – “Systemic Constellations in Organisations”.  Intuition told me that this would be a good experience despite knowing very little about constellation work, and even less about being a ‘representative’.
I felt very comfortable jumping in without prior knowledge because the invitation came from someone who knows me well, and understands how my energy works… and how I work with energy.  So I said yes and turned up at Violet Hill Studios in North London – a wonderful venue for healing arts with an excellent workshop space.
Here comes the hard bit because if I simply explain what happened during the day and you’re not familiar with constellation work it will make little sense…. so I am going to tell it as I experienced it and you can make up your own mind.
Twelve people sat in a circle: 4 company directors, 2 non-exec directors, the facilitator, his colleague and 5 representatives.  After formal introductions and a brief explanation of the issue that the company wished to address, the directors decided on 5 stakeholder groups who were strategically involved with the issue.  In this case there were 2 groups of directors, the offering/products, the customers and the essence/spirit of the company.
The directors then intuitively assigned one representative to represent the energy of each stakeholder group and phyically placed us within the circle in a postion that felt right to them – this could be anywhere in the circle facing in any direction.
Our only direction as representatives was to ‘be’ in the space without any agenda or distraction of thought and simply to express our feelings in relation to the other representatives in the circle.  
Representing the Custumer group, I found myself in close proximity to/and facing the products with the directors slightly off to the side, and one of them obscuring my view of the essence/spirit of the organisation.  As soon as I let go of thought, and immersed myself in the energy of the circle I was overwhelmed by a huge feeling of sadness.  It completely took me by surprise.  We were encouraged to express our feelings and move within the circle to positions that felt more comfortable.  And so the energetic dance played out, expertly and intuitively guided, it felt like we were energetically healing the organisation and suggesting a solution to their issue.
When the session came to a natural pause the company directors were invited to comment. The accuracy of the the situation we had played out became apparent. ‘Yes’, they said – that’s us, those are our issues and that is what we have to find a way to do in order to move forwards.
In the afternoon we created another constellation that delved deeper into the issues of the company with a similar result
I only learned afterwards that I had been working with one of the UK’s most experienced constellators Edward Rowland.
The constellation process is intense, energetic, powerful and challenging to the organisation.  Constellations like this are set up around the country to work with businesses and families to solve probelms, find direction and tackle relationship issues.
So thanks to my good friend Alison Wooding who recognised my energy and invited me to participate.  Thanks also to Ed Rowland for giving me the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people and discover first hand how working with energy can be such a powerfull tranformational tool for business.

Have you experienced constellation work with your business or family? Please share your story here.

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