Corporate video essentials – short, engaging & dynamic

You and I have a real challenge in todays world where patience is lacking and attention spans are reducing.  An effective corporate video needs to give your potential customers an understanding of how you can help them with your products or service as well as a genuine feel for your company and it’s people.   By the time they finish watching you need them to have decided that they like the sound of you, like the idea of how you can help them, and are interested in doing business with you.

All in 2 minutes or less….. and there lies the challenge

I’m sure you have so much that you’d like to show and tell your prospective clients about your company, products and services, but at this point you need to remember that the role of a corporate video is to give them an enticing overview – a tease.  Give them just enough to have the need to pick up the phone and talk to you or investigate the inside pages of your website in detail.

I’d also throw into the mix that a good client story will add weight to your message and help them to make a decision – still within the 2 minutes

This approach is precisely what 121 Systems decided to take after consulting with us as to the best way they could use video to help them to develop more customers.   We visited Office Depot, one of their clients and also interviewed Managing Director of 121, Chris Sisson to put a human face to the company.

Here is the resulting video:

We also created a longer version of the corporate video that can be used in social media where viewing habits allow for longer films as well as a separate case study telling the story of how Office Depot work with 121.

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