Youtube marketing does work

YouTube success for a retired craftsman proves that you can advertise your products with zero budget

September 5, 2016

Is it really possible to increase your marketing visibility and potential sales using YouTube – and without spending any money?  Just over a year ago my Dad, an 84 year old retired craftsman, came to me having designed and crafted a candy cart for a wedding hire company to use  to display sweets and gifts.  Having successfully… Read more »

Is this the most effective way to promote the strengths of your company?

February 16, 2016

Much of my time at the moment is spent not with my clients, but with my client’s clients! Business leaders and marketeers are realising that one of the most powerful ways to promote your brand and products is to ask your clients to do it for you.  The real benefit of producing content like this is that… Read more »

Michelin Star Chefs tell Richard Flewitt the story behind the chef

The opportunity to spend a day with a group of chefs who have 6 Michelin stars between them is pretty rare. To be able to watch them work, interview them to discover the story behind  the chef then eat their amazing food like this dish from Michael Wignall is something special. Last Monday I was… Read more »

How to create valuable marketing content from a corporate event

November 13, 2014

We recently attended the Romax Technology Global Forum in Darmstadt, Germany with a brief to capture useful content that could be used for marketing purposes. Many organisations make the decision to film all the content from a conference so that they can share it afterwards with those who couldn’t make it.  I have done some filming… Read more »

Three reasons why people will share your videos

October 14, 2014

‘Going viral’ is a buzz phrase that anyone who produces or broadcasts video wants to hear. The truth is that it is impossible to create a viral video; our best hope as producers is to create a video that engages viewers at a sufficient level for them to click and share. But what are the… Read more »

Corporate video essentials – short, engaging & dynamic

September 24, 2014

You and I have a real challenge in todays world where patience is lacking and attention spans are reducing.  An effective corporate video needs to give your potential customers an understanding of how you can help them with your products or service as well as a genuine feel for your company and it’s people.   By… Read more »

Video case study provides win, win for both Office Depot and 121 Systems

August 5, 2014

This is a perfect example of how your recognisable branded clients can help you to promote your business with a video case study. The video tells the story of why, what and how Office Depot continue to work closely with 121 Systems to enhance the service they give to their customers. It’s a win, win… Read more »

Fab reaction from client on seeing their new business videos

April 30, 2014

 “Great work. Very impressed. I really like all the videos and can’t pick fault with any of them…..  Now I understand your methods!!” We have produced a selection of case study and promotional business videos for this new tech client from the East Midlands. I will share once the videos are approved.

Video Production for Crowdfunding – How do you engage investors?

February 22, 2014

In preparation for a presentation at Oxford University Isis Innovation I spent some time recently viewing videos on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, Seedrs, Crowdcube and Indiegogo. As the presentation was aimed at UK start-ups and new tech companies I limited my search to UK companies looking for investment who had posted a video. Overall the… Read more »


January 29, 2014

With any business communication, whether to staff or to clients, we have to be aware that time is money – so people do not want to spend a long time reading paragraphs and pages of information, or trawling through a long complicated video. In a business video your message has to be clear and concise… Read more »

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