Making the message matter

There are plenty of video companies, so why choose New Edge? People buy people and the video testimonials about New Edge (you have watched the videos throughout the website …) have a repetitive message running through them:

Richard  Flewitt has a passion for helping his clients find the most appropriate approach that will really connect with their target audience. He explains: “Richard and his team really understand our business.”


“I think people respond so much better to the language used in the world of factual TV, rather than business-speak.”

Richard’s background comes from the world of TV from games shows to current affairs and is backed up by a degree in drama and music and a Masters in investigative journalism.

Translating this into business he works at the cutting edge of the video industry giving his clients a human face and helping them to present at their best.

“Over the years I seemed to have developed a skill for helping people feel comfortable in front of a camera. In TV I’d been working with senior spokespeople for quite some time and it makes a big difference to the final production when the people present well.”

Whether you want to get your clients to give you video testimonials, create case studies, develop promotional video to get your message to a wider audience or communicate with large groups of people – staff, customers, an international audience, stakeholders or service users – New Edge will polish your production to perfection.


As every PR and Marketing professional knows, the image of the company is crucial. Richard’s understanding of our organisation and ability to portray it positively in the video is a true art form. I have experience working with agencies throughout the world, and New Edge stands out in my mind as industry leaders and innovators. Justen Schaefer – Thera Group