Business video – stand out from the crowd

Most of your customers will make their buying decision based on whether they like you and feel that they can trust you.  Your biggest marketing challenge is to show them how you will help them to make their businesses or lives better, easier or happier.

  • Is your aim to get your company noticed and for your products and services to make a great impression?
  • Are you a large organisation that wants to create internal communications that really make an impact on your staff?
  • Are you looking for a simple way to get your message across to a wide audience much more effectively


 A video from New Edge will tell the truth about who you really are and why you do what you do.  Your customers will not only get an overview of what you do, but they will get an insight into the ethos and culture of your organisation, helping them to decide why your company is right for them.


Connect quickly to make your point

Think of video as an executive summary, highlighting to customers the key characteristics that differentiate you from competitors and make you the success you are. Video is your attractor, getting you noticed and leaving the viewer wanting to know more. It will work effectively on YouTube, where it will also enhance your SEO and lead people to your website, as well as being a perfect way to introduce your company to new visitors to your website.

Whether you want to help your customers understand your company ethos and values with a promotional video, or keep staff and stakeholders informed using a medium that brings your message to life, business video delivers your message in a way that gets high levels of connection.

Promotional Video

quotestartI would without doubt, recommend New Edge to anyone who wants to work with colleagues who are very knowledgeable, empathetic and thrilled by making you and your business look and sound the best it can be.quoteend

Margaret Duggan, Rosemar Labels


Video Case Study

quotestartNew Edge has been producing corporate and customer case study videos for me for over 7 years. I have founded the quality, service, value for money and understanding of our production needs to be second to none and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.quoteend

Carolyn Wojtas, Phoenix IT


Corporate Communication

quotestartThe Electrolux Group have used New Edge for many events. They provide high quality, engaging and creative content that can be used internally as a sales tool and externally to communicate our brand messages to our target audiences. They are extremely efficient and flexible; a real pleasure to work with.quoteend

Nicola Mullen, Electrolux


Public/Third Sector

quotestartWe have used New Edge for several years now to produce videos for service users and stakeholders. Richard has the knack of getting just what we want from the people he is filming and presents the finished article in a very professional way.quoteend

John Bartle, Head of Housing With Care & Support



In the hands of an expert

You can be confident that you’re working with a production company whose first priority is a thorough understanding of you, your organisation and your message. Then you’ll find they will help you to refine the message to a succinct, impactful communication, helping you with every aspect of getting it across to your audience. You’ll get a high quality and professional video that will engage your audience and encourage them to take action.

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